A Dad With A Camera!

I have the only job worth having, being a DAD! My wife and I have three wonderful kids, and taking photos of them was the start of all of this. What parent doesn't want good photos of their kids.
I was born in Wyoming (always home), moved to Long Island, and now to our small farm in southern PA. We have traveled, loved, and lived in some amazing places. It wasnt until I had a cerebral aneurysm changed my life, that I got serious about photography. Always a very active person, the recovery process was and is a long struggle. A good friend gave me a pro level Canon camera and said keep your mind busy.
I read, watched videos, shot, deleted, and shot some more. I heard/read somewhere that it takes 10,000 photos before you start getting good (digital maybe 100,000). I am shooting around 10,000 a month (yea most are crap) but I learn from each of them. There are so many GREAT photogs out there that being one of the best is a crazy dream, but being better than I was yesterday is something I can achieve.
Yes, I do this for money, but not for a job. I shoot what I want when I want, and If I can make a few bucks to buy more camera gear cool! but will I take on a job just for the money? NO!
Im always trying to improve my skills, try new techniques, and enjoy the ride!

If you have a project that is out in left field, out of the ordinary or maybe just a little nuts! I might be interested.

Keep shooting! Loving your family! and be the best parent you can be.... in the end its the only legacy worth leaving!

scott stover